Aspen Outfitting Company

Simms Button Ups & More.

This post highlights some of our high end print work for premium apparel. Given the button and pockets, printing and placement for this logo wasn't as straight forward as our normal heart prints. Using a jig and water-based inks we elevated the print location above the pocket so that there wouldn't be any contact when our squeegee worked its magic. At the end of the run what we had was a great product that emphasized the detail of our manual print process.


Big Sky Brewing Co Summer 2022

We've been working with Big Sky Brewing since they first brewed their famous Moose Drool. Each season they reach out for a new variety of embellishments and an updated catalogue of logos. This year they've chosen to print a line of Vuori and Free Fly garments and we think the results are worth mentioning!


Pride Festival Merch & Stage Banners

Pride Festival in Missoula never looked so good. From shirts to sponsors to stage banners, we helped the event give it the look it was going for.


Aspen Outfitters Simms Attire

Aspen Outfitters from Aspen Colorado contacted us to see if we could embellish their fine garments. Find out why the Fly Fishing industry chooses us over the other guy.