apparel printing

this is our bread and butter. with hundreds of thousands of impressions over the years we have really honed in our craft. We use ROQ Printing Equipment and expose our screens with lasers for the best possible resolution. Familiar with all types of garments, from free fly to gildan we've had many different brand on our platens. Depending on your graphic we can print by the color or print full color, either way you're going to love the result.

waterbased inks

plastisol inks

sim-process printing

10-color max on light garments

9-color max on dark garments


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Roq Screenprinting Press


embroidery & patches

embroidery is a great solution for custom goods with reasonable minimums. we can stitch your logo directly to the garment or have it laid out as a patch. the spectrum of patch materials and styles has a great spread. lets find an aesthetic that works for you.

woven patches

heat transfers


leather patches

garment stitching

hats & beanies


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Double K Ranch Deli Embroidered Patches.


banners & promo swag

our shop has provided the materials for events as large as vidcon, whether its thousands of promotional items or just a handful of pens, we have a great catalogue of items to choose from.





stage banners

business cards


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Missoula Pride Fest Stage Banners.


odds n' ends

lets simplify the process after the print. we can handle the folding, bagging and tagging of your garments so they arrive ready to be inventoried. don't have enough space to hold on to your gear? we can hold your stock and drop-ship to your customers so all you have to do is collect a check. We want to make your life easier so if there's anything you have in mind, run it by us!





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Bulk T-Shirt Order Discounts.


order process & faq

whether its your first time ordering merch or your 10th time this year, give this a review to make sure your confident in the choices your making for your apparel. Find out what ink works for you, what type of garment your looking for, and where you want it here.

print locations

art files

price breaks

ink types

recommended garments


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case studies